Yangzhou gaobiao machinery Co., Ltd.founded in 1973, is a municipal key enterprises. The company covers an area of ​​80000m2, construction area of ​​50000m2, existing staff 300 people, including high, intermediate technical titles 45 people, the registered capital of 36.8 million yuan, 30 million yuan of liquidity, in 2011 industrial output value of 200 million yuan.
Our company is the production of electric, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic valves and other kinds of professional factory. The main products are: electric temperature valve, electric heat valve (tertiary air duct), electric, pneumatic butterfly valves, flow control valves, electric circular plate valves, electrical, pneumatic high-performance sealing butterfly valve electric blinds, electric ball valves, electric dosing valve , flap valve, cinder valve, star under the feeder, air lock feeder, rigid impeller feeder, nearly a hundred varieties, thousands of specifications. Widely used in building materials cement, iron and steel metallurgy, coal mining, power generation and other industrial sectors, selling more than twenty provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported with the host. 
I have strong technical force, advanced production technology, technical equipment, new product development are the domestic advanced level, now has the machining of large diameter 4800mm and 3200mm above the louver valve temperatures above gate (tertiary air duct) production capacity. Valves, many cement companies in the country's 6000t / d, 5000t / d, 2500t / d production line is widely used.
My company and the major Academy (the) jointly developed electric blinds valve, tertiary air duct temperature valve, flow switch valve, flap valve (raw materials, clinker, cement mill, cement storage, etc.), electric dosing valve, lock dampers, electric temperature valve, reservoir bottom sealing valves and other high-performance, product performance reached the international level of the nineties, can replace imports. One of the tertiary air duct 1100 ℃ high temperature valve, is the company's leading products, the country has 5000 t / d cement production line over the scale is widely used, has achieved good economic and social benefits, the majority of users are generally praise. Majority of users of the company's overall evaluation is: variety, reasonable prices, reliable quality, timely delivery, good service, I will continue to serve domestic and international customers for the service.
The company is located in Yangzhou City, east suburb of Shanghai, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway near the feet foot traffic is very convenient, good location advantages enable enterprises to more development potential, Yangzhou gaobiao machinery Co., Ltd. will work with you to develop, create brilliant.

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